Have we become addicted to online shopping?

17 Jun 2020

Online shopping Online shopping has become a convenience and a time saver. Our busy work schedule leaves little time for shopping. Especially the time needed to drive to malls and the time spent walking from shop to shop, not to mention the crowds of people and the queues.

It makes life easier and saves you valuable time. Time you can use to spend on family and hobbies.


•    Easy and hassle free
•    Saves time
•    Many online sales and special offers that aren’t in shops
•    Easy purchase methods via pay systems
•    Home delivery within days

Current global circumstances have forced us to rely on online shopping out of necessity. 

Suddenly we have the world on sale at our fingertips, and we are discovering new shopping sites every day which has forever changed the way we shop. I am certain many retail outlets have felt the reduction in foot traffic over the last few months and have been forced to push their online shopping to maintain business.

The problem now, is that we cannot differentiate between needs and wants anymore. We are finding ourselves buying things online out of novelty rather than necessity. It is too easy to enter credit card details and press checkout. 

What we need to remember is we still have a fixed salary every monthly and a budget to adhere too. Luckily, many spending decisions we make every year have been forcibly taken from us like an overseas trip. Most airports are still closed or have minimal schedules. Are we saving money or spending more on frivolous novelty shopping?

How do we get back on track and recover from our online shopping addictions?

•    Don’t save your credit card details online, it’s too easy. Delete your purchase history and credit card details. It makes it more difficult to buy.
•    Saving on online shopping will boost your savings and give you the feeling of accomplishment as your balance grows.
•    Always ask yourself if you need or want something. If you want it, then wait a few hours before buying it. The impulsive streak on the spur of the moment will have worn off.
•    Avoid surfing the internet for shopping sites – only do online shopping if you need something specific or if you planned a budget for luxury spending.
•    Designate time for shopping. e.g. 1 hour a week to do necessity shopping and if there is time left for browsing, this way you won’t be tempted.

Online shopping now more than ever, has integrated itself into our daily lives. It is a case of finding balance between convenience and addiction.