Savings and Investment planning

02 Sep 2019

Saving helps you achieve your goals in life and make dreams a reality! It allows you to increase your wealth.

What am I saving for?

  • Deposit to purchase that property you’ve always wanted
  • Retirement supplement
  • Major life event eg, wedding costs, university fees
  • That once in a lifetime luxury vacation
  • Unforseen emergency/rainy day fund
  • Building wealth

Saving money is worth the effort. It gives you peace of mind, it gives you options, and the more you save, the easier it becomes to accumulate additional savings. - Investopedia

What’s important is to have a savings plan that is tailored to your goals. Today, there are plans suited for every kind of eventuality, but as an expat, many more will be available to you through investment in an overseas jurisdiction. deVere uses carefully selected providers to offer you the best investment and savings opportunities.


  • Large choice of international funds to choose from
  • Save in currency of choice
  • Tax-efficient possiblities

Once off lump sum investment This is a once off amount that will be invested for maximum capital growth until it is needed.

Regular premium plan – Contributing to a regular premium plan benefits from the fluctuations in the market. More units purchased means more returns in the end.

What type of investor are you?

Conservative Moderate Aggressive
A Conservative investor values protecting principal over seeking appreciation. This investor is comfortable accepting lower returns for a higher degree of liquidity and/or stability.  A Moderate investor values reducing risks and enhancing returns equally. This investor is willing to accept modest risks to seek higher long-term returns An Aggressive investor values maximizing returns and is willing to accept substantial risk. This investor believes maximizing long-term returns is more important than protecting principal.


A basic fact is that when it comes to saving, the earlier one starts the better, as it allows you to accumulate more capital over time. Monthly contributions will be lower as compared to starting later, where you need to contribute significantly more to make up the difference in capital invested.

 deVere Acuma’s specialist financial advisers offer advice on a variety of saving solutions to suit individual clients' circumstances. By utilising a tailor-made, long-term financial plan, we will support you from beginning to end so that you get the best returns on your assets and reach your financial goals.

Compound interest – the Eighth World Wonder 

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